Angel Tears II. (Haiku)

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when heavens’ tears cease,
as groundwater banks plummet,
scorched roses still pray.

So my dear beloved, keep the faith; for He’s risen.

Feel free to read my first version of Angel Tears, as you bask in the splendor of the Easter season. Stay blessed and blissful.


A New Dawn II

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A short story

As her world spun still,
dreamy days flew by,
and the Earth slowly grew giddy.

With defenses now laying bare,
space-grey goblins came scything down her core,
and every milky taste she once had of her galaxy
became a forlorn memory.

Darkness crescendoed
and, alas,
from her seven siblings,
she became estranged.

However, there lived a being;
a bright beaming being,
who always stood firm by her,
and ran circles around her adversities,
illuminating her dimming mien,
and after three sixty six days
of twirling and courtship,
a new child is born.

A Happy New year to you, and may all your wishes yearned come true🥳🙏.