Ugochi 2.0. (Sketch)

Sketchbook: Arteza Drawing pad (80lb)

Media: Arteza Coloured pencils.

It’s been exactly three years now I rekindled my old flame for drawing, and since then, I made it a tradition to have a drawing of my baby sister for her birthday. In that time, I’ve had four drawings of her, which I like to see as a present to her and also as some sort of annual progress in my artistic journey.

This particular drawing is portrayed as the remake of a graphite sketch I had of her in 2019. I particularly enjoyed this drawing as working in coloured pencils seemed to prove a challenge at the early stages (especially with the skin tones), but ultimately, turned out okay. After sketching my first colour pencil portrait not too long ago, I had serious doubts I’d be able to replicate the levels attained in the drawing, but having this recent portrait of my sister has really served as a confidence booster to take on other challenging art studies with coloured pencils.

So for this and many more glorious reasons, Happy birthday Ugochi. Stay gold!

Previous sketches: 2019b, 2018



42 thoughts on “Ugochi 2.0. (Sketch)

  1. This glows. It has a luminescence about it, doubtless reflecting what you feel about that smile. I love the way her legend shines out of this picture, as though the colours are conjuring her. I like to write like this sometimes, when I can hold the words that way.

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      • There are times…

        times when voices pull away…

        when windows growl
        and sneer
        and wail,

        with bully-boy winds
        and misery gusts…
        the dark alley breezes
        never quite got to be stormy and cool –

        never quite got to taste lightning,
        juggle flame –

        but chose instead to moan and whine
        and steal a piece,
        steal a piece,
        steal a piece from all of this ache un the depths of my soul.

        There are times
        when only one thing fills this gap,
        this empty,
        this yearn-churn,
        this need…

        There are times
        when only a smile that’ll fill up a room,
        blossom like stars,
        light up stories like billow-burn sky,
        pepper a ceiling
        with galaxies and things like hope…

        like holding,
        when it really counts…

        like seeing the tears
        and catching them fresh
        from lonely,
        rag-doll throats…

        There are times
        when only a smile like that will do…

        Only the colours that glow…

        Only the colours that know.

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        • Indeed! When things get dreary and gloomy, all we need is that bit of white light split into the colours of the rainbow from that lovely smile you captured in your poem. Truly remarkableπŸ‘.


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